Front Lift

Front Lift or Gull-Wing Enclosures provide supierior ease of use with and exceptional aerodynamic design. Front and access doors make loading and unloading both safe and easy. Each Gull Wing style door has two shocks and a continuous extruded hinge to make opening and closing them smooth. This enclosure has a 56″ interior height that can accommodate a variety of equipment. Gull Wing enclosures are available in 12′,14′,16′,22′ and 28′.
gull wing 4

Standard Features:

  • Aerodynamic Design
  • All Aluminum Frame
  • Diamond Plate Front Protection
  • Heavy Duty 030 Smooth Side Panels
  • Louvered Side Vents, Locking Exterior T Handle
  • Standard Colors: Black, White
  • Can Have Front and Rear Open at Same Time

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