Product Features

Pro Starr Utility Trailers


Utility Trailers: Pro Starr’s innovative design will allow you to securely
transport your AT V’s, motorcycles, lawn tractors and other recreational equipment anywhere.

P2-1The versatility of our Standard features like ATS, the Advanced Tracking System and PTS, Pro Tilt System make Pro Starr trailers not only easier to use but more efficient for your utility needs. These features that we consider a must have would be costly options with our competitors.

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12′ Sled Shed Rear Ramp Trailer

The SLEDSHED Rear Fold-down Trailer Enclosure is the perfect enclosure for hauling all of your power-sport toys! This trailer enclosure is a fixed-position enclosed trailer with a fold-down ramp in the rear, allowing you to load and un load with out the hassle of a ramp or tilting the trailer! with enough room for 2 snowmobiles to fit side-by-side, this innovative aluminum enclosure gives you all the room you will need for your sleds, Atv’s or whatever you decide to haul, complete with all of the accessories that you will require.